Sunday, November 28, 2021




The AMZ-3641-02 is a high-resolution, 3 megapixel color video camera. The camera is housed in a heavy-duty cast aluminum weatherproof enclosure suitable for hostile environments. The enclosure is sealed and certifi ed for Class I Division 1, groups B, C and D. The complete assembly is rated NEMA 7/4X.

The camera is available with a variety of lens options to suit any application. The extreme detail captured with this high-resolution camera enables live and forensic digital zooming via IVC software with little reduction in image quality.

In-video motion detection is available with size and sensitivity controls for up to 64 zones. Motion detection and other system alarms can be managed with IVC’s View Station software.

The AMZ-3641-02 is ready for mounting and requires only power and an RJ-45 connection. An optional 100Mb fi ber connection is available. Mount arm is provided. Other mounting options are available.

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