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The WiN3000 and WiN3200, are backhaul systems for the RuggedMAX™ family, a product line of WiMAX Broadband Wireless Access systems based on the 802.16e mobile WiMAX standard. The WiN3000 and WiN3200 offer an affordable, cost effective alternative to wireline solutions by connecting the RuggedMAX™ WiN7000, WiN7200 base stations to the core network via broadband wireless link.

Both systems are equipped with an integrated antenna, and an option for external antennas for longer ranges. Carrier grade performance ensures high reliability and robust performance for network operators requiring a wireless backhaul solution.

The WiN3000 provides high capacity connectivity of up to 36Mbps at ranges of tens of kilometers with low latency.

The WiN3200 leverages MIMO technology for increased link robustness, spectral efficiency and range. The WiN3200 delivers high output power of 25dBm with performance up to 100Mbps throughput. The backhaul product line delivers all internet traffic, including voice, video and data, with over-the-air security ensuring data confidentiality. The RuggedMAX™ backhaul systems are simple to install and use the same infrastructure (pole, tower or wall) as the base station.

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