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The WiNMS is a member of the RuggedMAX™ family, a line of WiMAX-based Broadband Wireless Access systems. RuggedMAX™ systems are designed for robustness and simplicity, offering feature-rich services with low deployment and operation costs, for unmatched competitiveness and fast ROI.

WiNMS is a comprehensive network management system for RuggedMAX™ products-based networks. WiNMS provides all the network surveillance, monitoring and configuration capabilities required to effectively manage the network while keeping the resources and expenses at a minimum.

WiNMS offers a unified, scalable network management solution. WiNMS uses a distributed architecture, providing a robust, scalable and fully redundant network management system in which all single point of failures can be avoided.

WiNMS supports common network management applications providing comprehensive Fault, Configuration, Performance and Security management functionality:

Fault Management: Alarms and events real-time reporting, alarm sorting and filtering, alarm status management, event logging, historical event queries and color-coding according to severity.

Configuration Management: Device discovery and scheduled periodic updates, hierarchical location and management, single and multiple unit configuration and software upgrade, unit configuration, logical and geographical topology views and inventory management.

Performance Monitoring: Monitoring of traffic load, wireless link performance parameters and quality of service performance statistics to identify problems and bottlenecks, maximize traffic capacity and optimize resource allocation.

Security Management: User management, user groups, functional permissions and passwords for multi-level authorization and access protection.

The system’s components are designed to support a variety of system architectures for maximum flexibility enabling easy changes throughout the life cycle of the system. Supported architectures start with the minimal “All-in-One” system where all components reside on the same computer, through entry level systems with several remote Clients, to fully distributed systems and high-availability architectures with various redundancy and backup schemes. This flexible architecture provides a pay-as-you-grow strategy and on-the-fly system expansion and architecture for cost effective implementation.

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