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The WiN5500 is a member of the RuggedMAX™ family, a line of mobile WiMAX broadband wireless access systems based on the 802.16e mobile WiMAX standard. The WiN5500 subscriber unit integrates voice capability by providing an RJ-11 port for existing landline connections, offering users the most cost efficient platform for concurrent high speed data connectivity and VoIP calls simultaneously

The WiN5500 system is designed with two high gain omni antennas (7 dBi) enabling a longer reception range from the base station.

This provides more efficient use of the network with a larger cell reach and guaranteed service reliability that provides customers the confidence needed for a self-install unit. The WiN5500 provides high data throughput to business users who need both bandwidth and mobility in the residential area.

The WiN5500 is equipped with built-in QoS features which allow different services such as data, voice and video applications to be treated appropriately over the WiMAX network.

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