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The WiN5800 is a member of the RuggedMAX™ family, a line of mobile WiMAX broadband wireless access systems based on the 802.16e mobile WiMAX standard. WiN5800 is a high-performance mobile WiMAX data USB adapter that provides complete 802.16e mobile WiMAX broadband wireless access functionality to a range of personal computers.

The WiN5800 USB adapter provides high data throughput to home and business users who needs both bandwidth and mobility on the road, delivering up to 5Mbps throughput for best user experience.

The WiN5800 enables a number of mobile services including telephony, data, Video-on-Demand, and interactive TV over the WiMAX network directly to the user’s laptop computer.

Ideal for private mobile workforce applications, the WiN5800 WiMAX USB adapter is specifically tailored for the diverse needs of mobile end-users. WiN5800 products offer a complete set of data and voice solutions in a single card, eliminating the need to purchase, install and maintain several separate units to support multiple applications.

WiN5800 systems are designed to complement RuggedMAX™ Broadband Wireless Access systems.

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