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Ruggedcom is a world leading product for mission critical communication. Ruggedcom is the only Ethernet based Switch/Router that offers ZERO PACKET LOSS TECHNOLOGY™ under high EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) environments.

Ruggedcom offers a variety of products ranging from media converters to advanced high end backbone Layer 3 Switches and a wide range of Industrial Grade WiMax Solutions to help cater for any additional applications.


Industrial Video and Control is one of few Industrial IP CCTV manufacturers that offer hardware and software development in house. The key to an effective Camera Management Solution is reliability, Integration with 3rd party software vendors such as Scada/HMI applications, interoperability with different vendors, integration into Active Directory for Security Authentication and the ability to tailor configure alarms and the associated actions surrounding them.



SigniFire cameras can see and recognize smoke and flames overlooking large spaces at great distances, while providing video surveillance capabilities as a bonus. They will detect fire in seconds, supply vital situational awareness in the form of live video to remotely located guards, trigger fire alarms, and provide vast amounts of pre-recorded video forensic evidence for future fire investigations.

H3I Squared

Welcome to H3I Squared

H3i Squared is a company that has it’s principles in business dealings built into it’s name.
Honesty, Humility, Humor and Integrity(2)  are the keys to H3iSquared’s success.
H3iSquared is fortunate enough to not only have to rely on it’s service, knowledge based and offerings to resellers and end users, but also has an excellent, world class leading product range of the highest quality thus ensuring the service and solutions are exceeding of world standards.

Industrial, Utility, Military and ITS environments are continuously expanding in their uses for mission critical Ethernet applications. It is H3iSquared’s mission to support the ongoing growth with research, development, integration, training and support. Support, reliability of staff and products are keys to H3iSquared success in these industries.

H3iSquared has the ability to integrate its product offerings with its in depth knowledge, to meet the custom requirements, requiring critical reliable communication.

H3iSquared enjoy taking a challenge that needs to be engineered with Ethernet Communication for IP Camera’s monitoring

As a highly specialized Industrial Ethernet based company, H3iSquared’s main line is to promote it’s product offerings, gain brand awareness, offer consultation and support

Upcoming Events

Process Expo 2011 is held only once every two years and is a niche automation show focused for the industrial world to view all the new technologies and products available. H3iSquared will display

Ruggedcom, Industrial Video and Control, GAI-Tronics (Industrial VoIP Phones), Fire/Smoke detection through video analytics. All products will be live and working for demonstration purposes.

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