Saturday, January 28, 2023




This color video camera with a wide angle vari-focal lens produces high quality video at a low cost. With a sophisticated 3-axis mechanical positioning system, the camera’s industrial design offers easy, flexible installation on a ceiling or wall. The MZ-3300-03 supports dual codecs and is able to deliver both MPEG4 and M-JPEG video.

When the environment is short of sufficient light source, built-in whitelight illuminators can be activated automatically or manually to supplement ambient lighting without additional equipment.

The adjustable position mount and the 2 to 4 mm manual zoom lens can provide a horizontal field-of-view of up to 105 degrees.

The camera can accept one contact closure or TTL connect from auxiliary security or process-monitoring devices to initiate video recordings of intrusions or process upsets.

Installation is simplified since the camera only requires a powered Ethernet cable.

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