Sunday, January 23, 2022




The AZO-3142-01 is a high quality, high-resolution color video camera with outstanding low-light performance. It has an 18x motor-driven optical zoom and a 4x digital multiplier providing 72x total zoom.

The camera is housed in a heavy-duty stainless steel weatherproof enclosure suitable for hostile environments. The enclosure is sealed and certified ExdII CT6 (H2), EexdII CT6. It includes an automatic heater and blower. The complete assembly is rated IP68.

The zoom functions can be controlled automatically and precisely from anywhere using the click-to-point, and preset view features in the IVC Relay Server. The camera is a high performance low-light camera that automatically switches to black and white and removes an IR cut filter to increase sensitivity in low light conditions.

The camera is ready for mounting and requires only power and a network connection.

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