Sunday, January 23, 2022




The ZO-3130-02 is a high quality, high-resolution color video camera with outstanding lowlight performance. It has a 26x motor-driven optical zoom and a 4x digital multiplier providing 104x total zoom. The zoom functions can be controlled automatically and precisely from anywhere using the click-to-point and preset view features of the IVC Relay Server Software. This camera is a high performance low-light camera that automatically switches to black and white and removes an IR cut fi lter to increase sensitivity in low light conditions.

This PoE-ready camera only requires a CAT5E cable connection injected with ultra-high power (60W). This single cable connection simplifi es installation thereby reducing the cost of set up. The camera includes an ultra-high power PoE injector, so no special switches or midspans are required.

The ZO-3130-02 is housed in a weatherproof enclosure with an automatic heater and blower. It can accept one contact closure or TTL input from an auxiliary security or processmonitoring device to initiate automatic views and video recordings of intrusions or process malfunctions.

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