Sunday, January 23, 2022




The PT-3530 is a high-quality thermal imaging camera on a precision pan-tilt unit, ideal for law enforcement, border control, and other high-security installations. The thermal imaging camera can operate in a white-hot or black-hot mode, and ensures a quality image in day or night. Available with a fixed-focus lens ranging from 50-100mm, the thermal IR imager will detect a humansized target at up to two miles away. The pan and tilt functions can be controlled automatically and precisely from anywhere using the click-to-point and preset view features in the IVC Relay Server. The IP interface allows the camera to be used in remote applications, to meet any type of connectivity, wireless or hard-wired, and to be easily incorporated in a video system alongside conventional cameras.

The IP-interface board can accept one contact closure or TTL connect from an auxiliary security or processmonitoring device to initiate automatic views and video recordings of intrusions or process upsets.

The integrated camera/pan-tilt unit is ready for mounting and requires only power and network connections through a camera server (included).

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