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The WiNPS 3S-ODU is a member of the RuggedMAX™ family, a line of mobile WiMAX broadband wireless access systems based on the 802.16e mobile WiMAX standard. The WiNPS 3S-ODU serves as the power and data distribution for the WiN7000 multi sector base station. The unique design charges the battery bank and supplies backup power during AC power failure.

A high performance, hot-swap system controller measures, monitors and controls all parameters such as voltages, current, power, battery, and temperature. Comprehensive remote control and monitoring of the system can be done using a dedicated graphical user interface.

The WiNPS comes with automatic and pre-programmed battery testing and equalize charging modes for easy, carefree maintenance.

The WiNPS 3S-ODU is supplied with a proprietary cable with the ability to connect the WiNPS 3S-ODU power system to multiple compact base stations. The WiNPS 3S-ODU is fully managed by WiNMS. WiNMS is a comprehensive carrier-class network management system for RuggedMAX™ products-based networks.

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