Friday, June 09, 2023


The SigniFire IP ™ Camera is capable of detecting and alarming on a variety of events. Once an alarm occurs it can be signaled through contact closures or by digital streamed transmissions over IP.

Video Processing Algorithms Include:

Flaming Fires
Looks for a specific fire pattern consisting of a bright core of the flame and a flickering corona.

Reflected Fire Light
Detects the presence of the flickering component of fire light reflected off of surfaces facing the fire.

Smoke Plumes
Identifies the anomalies that are caused by smoke and analyze the progression over a period of time to identify a growing smoke plume.

Ambient smoke
Monitors the light diffusion from light sources and bright objects in the video images to detect the pattern consistent with the slow accumulation of smoke.

Intrusion detection
Can monitor multiple areas of the video image for the presence of moving objects at different times. This can be used to detect and record wanted or unwanted persons

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